Cloudwork® Supported Services

Cloudwork can support any services that use modern Single Sign-On protocols, such as SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), oAuth (open standard for authorisation), OpenID Connect (authentication layer on an authorisation framework), and SHIBBOLETH (open-source single sign-on identity management).

Because of Cloudwork's ability to integrate secure identity solutions, the Cloudwork Identity Manager provides single sign-on access to a vast range of well-known educational services. Studentnet is automating access to those services, and those with automated access we call Cloudwork Compatible.

Studentnet schools receive installations of three Cloudwork Compatible services for FREE (further services are available for a modest charge.) If you don't see your favourite service below – ask us – we may well be in the process of adding it! Cloudwork Compatible services are easy, guaranteed to work, and are supported for both mobile and standard devices. Users need only to log in once to have access to all school-mandated services.

Supported Services and Cloudwork Compatible Services

Cloud Services

Supported Compatible Notes
CompliSpace Cloudwork Compatible Native compliance. In an increasingly complex operating environment, CompliSpace is leading the way in smart, flexible and cost-effective online governance, risk, compliance and policy management solutions for schools across Australia.
Google Apps for Education Cloudwork Compatible Web-based email, calendar & documents for collaborative study
Dropbox Cloudwork Compatible Large file access storage
Edublogs Cloudwork Compatible Popular educational blogging service
Zendesk Cloudwork Compatible Customer service platform
MediusFlow AP invoice automation with sign-on protocol WSFed
Atomic Learning Native compliance. Online training
ClickView Native compliance. Digital video for education
Wikispaces Writing workspaces for education
eTV Recorded TV and streaming media
Spike@School Websites and Learning Caves
DreamCatcher Careers planning
Microsoft Office 365 Via CwIN network layer SSO installation
WebHelpDesk IT Help Desk software, in testing, via native compliance
Symfony PHP Platform Framework for web projects, via plugin being developed by Studentnet
Intelledox Next generation communication tools
Papercut PaperCut print management software

School Management Systems

Supported Compatible Notes
My EDiary Electronic Student Diary - native compliance
PC School Native compliance
Synergetic Management Systems SynWeb and Community Portal - native compliance
iWise Software connector developed by Studentnet, native support to come in 2014 from Inspiriti
igloo Native compliance
SOBS School online booking system. Native compliance developed with Studentnet's assistance
TASS Web-based school administration system for K-12 schools. Via software connector being developed by Studentnet, currently in testing

Content and Learning Management Systems (CMSs and LMSs)

Supported Compatible Notes
Schoolbox logo Cloudwork Compatible Native compliance
Moodle Cloudwork Compatible Via plugin. Learning platform
Canvas Cloudwork Compatible Documentation site for students, instructors, etc
Drupal Cloudwork Compatible Open-source CMS
WordPress Cloudwork Compatible Blog and website software
Joomla Via plugin, but a new improved plugin is being developed by Studentnet
Alfresco Document Management System
BlackBoard LMS, in testing, via native compliance
DNN Software Via plugin developed by University of Florida with assistance from Studentnet
KnowledgeNET Learning Management System
Mahara Via plugin. ePortfolio system
MyClasses Learning Management System
MyPortfolio ePortfolio system
SEQTA Learning Management System
Totara Learning Management System

Library Systems

Supported Compatible Notes
EZproxy + other library databases Cloudwork Compatible Native compliance developed by Studentnet – chargeable licence required from EZproxy
Access-It Library automation system designed for schools
Koha and Koha for Schools Open-source Integrated Library System, and Koha for Australian schools
Oliver Library Management System

Teacher Resources

Supported Compatible Notes
Scootle Being developed by Studentnet in conjunction with Education Services Australia
LearningField Being developed by Studentnet in conjunction with LearningField

Integration Partner Program Developers

Supported Compatible Notes
Box of Books Compliance being developed in conjunction with Studentnet
Verso App Learning Compliance being developed in conjunction with Studentnet
Edval Compliance being developed in conjunction with Studentnet
BusMinder Compliance being developed in conjunction with Studentnet
Sentral Education Compliance being developed in conjunction with Studentnet
Rubicon Atlas Compliance being developed in conjunction with Studentnet