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Dedicated to the Internet needs of educators working with students, we focus on bringing the economy and innovation of cloud-delivered services to education networks - making the cloud yours. We consult with administrators, IT directors and parents, to discover the features you want implemented in our products.

We ensure that privacy and security are designed into our products from conception through to delivery. We have long been a pioneer in the use of IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), bringing benefits to school networks that cannot be achieved with the previous technology, such as:
  • Cloud delivery of innovative management and learning tools
  • Protection of the online identities and activities of students and staff
  • Tools to deal with threats such as cyber-bullying and exploitation
  • Enhanced collaboration and remote participation in school environments
  • Increased availability of powerful, portable, mobile computing
  • Extension of the school community beyond school attendance years

About Studentnet

it genuine Studentnet? Studentnet has been assisting schools since 1996, and became a separate business in 2008. Studentnet is committed to serving the Australian education community with quality, inexpensive computing services. We provide tailored control and configuration resources for digital classrooms, learning environments, and education networks at all levels, Australia-wide.

Studentnet is powered by PPS Internet and Coherent Cloud, Internet experts since 1996, and wholly owned subsidiaries of Twin-K Computers Pty Ltd, ABN 90 001 966 892. Registered trade marks of Twin-K Computers Pty Ltd include Studentnet® (registered trade mark 796793), Cloudwork® (registered trade mark 1550282), Make the Cloud yours® (registered trade mark 1480792), The Studentnet® logo (registered trade mark 799597) and Isonet® (registered trade mark 1022051).

Studentnet's Awards

Studentnet's commitment and innovation is widely recognised in the areas of security, privacy and innovation:
ANZIA Award 2012

Studentnet wins HIGHLY COMMENDED in the IPv6 Category at the 2012 ANZIA Awards.
ANZIA 2011 Finalist

Studentnet was a Finalist in the Australian New Zealand Internet Awards 2011, Security and Privacy category.

Studentnet was awarded Highly Commended in the Microsoft Small-Medium Business Award at the Australian Privacy Awards 2008.


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